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Are you ready to adopt a child? Do you need help to know the next step?

The office of Amy Slaughter has the answer to these and countless other questions. With their experience and effectiveness, Amy and her staff will guide, counsel, and help you
understand your choices and will work with you to achieve the best possible result as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Every day, the law office of Amy Slaughter witnesses the advantages and blessings associated with adoption. For years, they have enjoyed being a part of the process of bringing families together through adoption.

Amy Slaughter is an adoption lawyer whose practice is dedicated exclusively to adoption and the legal issues concerning the safety and security of the children and families
involved. She's helped many couples and individuals realize their dreams of parenthood. Whether you are hoping to adopt for the first time, or you want to bring a sibling home to join your other children, Amy Slaughter is dedicated to helping you grow your family.
Amy Slaughter
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